Gravitator is an interactive realtime gravity simulator designed to simulate large quantities of objects. It allows you to simulate galaxies, asteroid rings etc. This is possible by having 2 kinds of objects, light and heavy. Light objects don't attract any other object, while the heavy objects attract other objects. Gravitator comes with an interactive editor of the world. It can calculate stable orbit for given objects and generate complex objects such as spiral galaxies.

You can also download gravitator_daemon, a non-interactive program used to simulate gravity and store the results in a file. This file can be later replayed with gravitator.

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Documentation Installation guide
User guide
Programmer's guide
gravitator_daemon user guide
Grade project specification - specification for my grade project, in Slovak only
Download gravitator.tgz
Sample worlds A solar system - watch the planets orbit the star and influence asteroids
Galaxy Crash 1
Galaxy Crash 2